Business users want to solve business problems. But existing data tools are focused around dashboards and statistical products are oriented around mathematical techniques. Dashboards are normally not enough, and techniqueoriented tools are too advanced for most people. Either way, users are expected to know statistics and be coders. Businesses end up hiring data scientists just to use these tools.

We understand the disconnect between between business problems and mathematical techniques and our machine-learning platform automates the bridge between business and math.

No Coding

Do not write a single line of code, or hire a data scientist. Just upload data, and set the business context by answering a few questions.

Bring Any Data
You Want

Accepts a wide variety of data sources and formats — CSV files to cloud sources like Pipedrive, Mixpanel etc. Let the platform connect to your preferred data source and generate the business context without any supervision.

Save Time from Data to Action

Automates 8-12 weeks of manual statistical model building and deployment work to 10-20 minutes. Use the platform from the first step of understanding your data, to the last mile of deployment using APIs.


Swarna Vallabhaneni

Swarna Vallabhaneni 

A naval engineer from IIT, who started off with building ships in a shipyard, dabbled with management consulting, did his MBA from IIM, led senior roles in operations and sales for a US tech company based out of Bangalore. In his last corporate role, he was the Vice President for sales for India’s best looking online travel behemoth. For the past one year or so, he has been the key architect in conceptualising the product, building the server-side, and the data layer of Insight Jedi.

Dipayan Maiti

Dipayan Maiti 

A mathematician from the same school as the CEO (although they did not know each other in their college days!), went on to do a PhD in Bayesian model selection from the east coast school, which IJ Good made home. Spent a three year sabbatical building risk models for a very large US bank which escaped almost unscathed in the recent US financial crisis (he had very little role to play in the crisis). He also spent almost half of his time in graduate school building algorithms that create a story about an impending terrorist threat from thousands of news snippets, which can then be used by intelligence agencies. He is in charge of the algorithms that drive the models in Insight Jedi.


Insight Jedi is a pure algorithms company, where all business problems are abstracted to a mathematical framework. This makes our product approach scalable to multiple problems across various domains. At Insight Jedi we want to solve a large class of business problems.

We are looking for exceptionally smart, motivated, self-learning, insanely curious and creative individuals in the field of computer-science, software-engineering, data visualisation, optimisation, economics, machine-learning and statistics, who can help us build and expand a robust machine learning platform.

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